Blizzard: The Day My Dentist Extracted Me From the Snow

Monday was a beautiful snow day for Washington, D.C. It was also beautiful for the suburbs, if you had the right attitude. We are blessed to live in Lake Barcroft, Virginia -- a seven mile lake and community about a 20 minute drive from the White House, when it is not rush hour or an ice storm. There are about 1,000 families living in the community, and we are a great mixture from many states, nations, backgrounds and occupations.

Over the weekend, we were pelted with snow, as was much of the East. On Sunday, my husband Charles worked hard to dig us out from the heavy snow. It was exhausting and he planned to finish the job on Monday. But Monday morning, we were pleased and surprised to see our neighbor and his nephew digging out our car and driveway. They did the same for other neighbors, without asking anything in return. Before that, they had spent Friday and Saturday cleaning their own properties, while the blizzard swirled around them.

In real life, he is an excellent dentist, who works hard enough. He deserved to take a few days off, but chose not to. Our neighborhood listserv is filled with stories of neighbors who helped neighbors, and asked nothing in return. Many of them hold down very important jobs, but no one is too big to help in times of need.

After the digging, there was time for skiing, sledding, feasting or just giving thanks for the glories of nature and life in a great community (and one that did not lose electric power)! I am certain many in other communities have similar stories. May this be a lesson to those who claim they are "outsiders" who "hate Washington"!