How To Apply Blush In 3 Minutes Without Overdoing It (PHOTOS)

How to avoid overdoing it.

I can be a bit heavy-handed when it comes to blush. I'm talking Grace Jones kind of contouring and sculpting. While I have no shame walking into the office at 9am wearing magenta cheek color like the Jamaican-born beauty, there is a fine line I'm sure we've all crossed when it comes to applying blush. We present a three-minute guide (and the products you'll need) to avoid overdoing it.

Minute 1: Set a smooth foundation
Sarah Lucero, Stila Global Creative Director, believes that it is imperative to spend the first 60 seconds perfecting your complexion with a sheer tinted moisturizer or your favorite foundation. "A polished and even texture will ensure that your blush is not competing or clashing against blotchy skin or uneven redness," she explains.

Minute 2: Get your flush on
Once you've set the stage, so to speak, you'll want to choose the right formula and tool that works best for your complexion. If you prefer powder blush, Lucero recommends using a soft brush and gently applying in an "X" motion to create a natural flush. "Focus on the apple of your cheek, as that is the area where you naturally blush." If you like to use bronzer as your blush, then blend around entire face with an added layer over cheekbones and down bridge of nose. "This will give the appearance as if you caught a bit of sunshine outdoors." If you are pale or have a fair skin tone, try dipping the brush into a sheer pressed powder before your blush color. According to the makeup pro, this trick helps to coat the brush and will sheer out the powder formula, allowing you to gradually build color rather than looking clown-ish. If you prefer cream blush, simply use your fingertips and gently tap the product onto cheeks. Never rub cream color into skin as you may become red.

Lucero's stance on shimmer and frosted blushes: Save them for the final touches. "I feel these could easily enhance and spotlight your pores, so use them for a pop on top of your classic blush color," she says.

Tired of whipping out your brush throughout the day to touch up your blush? Try layering it over a lip stain for lasting results.

Minute 3: Look in the mirror and smile
"The goal is to even out your complexion and add a hint of color back into your cheeks to reflect your youthful, healthy and beautiful attitude," says Lucero. Take this final minute to check yourself out, making sure that your natural skin comes through. Then add a lip color in the same color family to tie your entire look together.

3-Minute Guide To Applying Blush

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