The Awesome, Unexpected Moments When These Women Feel Most Beautiful

"Everything you see has been altered. All the magazines, all the media you looked at your whole life and thought 'I'm not that' -- they aren't either."

That's one of the important messages shared in "That's What She Said," a video released on Jan. 15.

Culture website SoulPancake collaborated with Darling Magazine to film "a series of conversations about some of the issues that women face on a daily basis." The first video tackles body image and beauty culture, something that many of the women in the video report struggling with.

Participants in the video, including Darling Magazine editors, shared their experiences with poor self-esteem and offered new, positive ways to think about their bodies and beauty ideals more generally.

"I am trying now to look myself in the mirror and notice something beautiful about myself every day," one participant who used to suffer from anorexia said. "Verbally acknowledging it, looking myself in the eye in the mirror and saying, 'I love the way your hair is falling today.'"

Watch through to the end of the video to hear women share the unexpected moments when they feel the most beautiful -- and a gorgeous poem every woman should hear.



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