Book Review: Paulyn Aneke's Christmas Wish (Snow Globe Christmas Collection)


Not everyone holds onto their dreams, especially when it tarries. Debbie Regan has almost lost grip of hers but a little orphan girls expresses the same desire, and Debbie knows she has to keep hoping for both of them.

Her story unfolds in Paulyn Aneke's Christmas Wish. Being an abandoned child who has lived all her life at the Hope Manor Orphanage, she has not seen Christmas like her Christmas book promised--a fireplace that burns bright, presents underneath a huge old Christmas tree, reindeers...

Yet as the years count down, it looks like it will never come true.

But while in her little room that night, she dreams, or was it a vision? A fairy godmother hands her a snow globe and Debbie finds herself in Rudolph Mountain, just like the one she's seen in her book.

Preston Campbell runs the Rudolph Mountain's only Christmas gift shop that belonged to his mom. Something he is loath to do as it reminds him of his mom who died months before. He hopes to find a buyer before the yuletide ends. That didn't look like it will happen anytime soon. He can only hope...

A snowy morning finds a young girl in front of the shop. She needs a place to stay until the weather improves. But when she sees the gift shop, she wants to work until Christmas is over. Not something he wants.

His sister tells him it's his chance if he will find time for his personal pursuits. He's also finding her vivacious spirit refreshing. He's never let himself fall in love because of his past. One that grows dim in her presence.

Finding a job just like that is beyond Debbie's hope. But things are just getting better. Soon, she's introduced to their circle of friends.

Hhm, she could get used to this.

The feelings he stirs in her makes her want to stay--see where that leads. Only that she worries the orphanage will miss her and she has to return. Soon. For now, she'll enjoy herself.

The days wind down and she prepares gifts for the people who opened their home to her and that night, according to her fairy godmother's instruction, she returns back to the orphanage.

Except that things does not look good.

She can't cope with her old world, as her heart is in the new. The Sisters who run the orphanage think it is best she goes back since they see that she is unhappy.

Debbie officially adopts the little orphan girl and they return back to Rudolph Mountain where love awaits them both.

What other reviewers think

Does God answer prayers for wishes?

"Ever shaken a snow globe and made a wish that you wanted to live there? In this book, wishes come true. This is a delightful book about one young woman's Christmas wish to leave the life situation she's in and live a new life.

Does God answer prayers for wishes to come true, or is He just concerned about real life stuff? You'll just have to read the book to find out." P. Rudie (Amazon)

Snow globe story

"Another delightful read of a snow globe story. I enjoyed the characters and their interactions. A surprise of how the wish was answered. Good detail about environment and activities. Recommend." Robin Bunting

Lovely story!

"Cute Christmas story with a little bit of magic and romance." Faith

About the Author

Paulyn Aneke is a debut author and loves to see her characters unfold. She's a nurse in her other life.


Anyone who loves a sweet romance will love this book.

Opening lines

"If wishes were horses...

Debbie Regan sighed. If they were horses, even an orphan would ride. She turned from the window where she watched the steady fall of snow. Christmas was days away and her yearning for a good one to remember had increased, translating into her dreams."

Notable passage

"Preston went back down to the store to pick the ledger. He had to get everything worked out tonight, so that by morning, the shop would be good to go.

He didn't doubt he'd find a place to stay with the proceeds from the shop. His mom's gentle features rose to his mind. He'd miss her.

For the first, Preston didn't look forward to Christmas."

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