Boricuas Who Travel: 7 Puerto Rican Travel Blogs You Should Be Following

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As a travel blogger myself, I became obsessed on reading other travel bloggers work. One of the things I noticed is that, even though we Puerto Ricans are adventurous, there were very few blogs that I was aware of, and I could not find any list that organize the work of the travel bloggers that are writing in the island. So, I decided to take that job myself: I wanted to get to know the work of these travel bloggers and make a list for others to be easy to find them. I originally interviewed all of them for my blog in Spanish (click here to check all the interviews) and fell in love with their work. These are my 7 Puerto Rican Travel Blogs choices. (Take in account that most of them write in Spanish!)

Sibeliz Massas is the responsible of running this Facebook page called La Boricua, ¿Dónde? on which she shares all the pictures and life changing experiences she lives while traveling. She has always been passionate for discover those destinations on which she can connect with nature and people. On her most recent trips, she has been to Central America (Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras), Cuba and India. One of the most captivating phrases she mentioned in the interview was:

“I want people to experience magic through my trips. I want people to fall in love with the world, with the food and the colors. I want them to feel they are right next to me when I am traveling.”

Follow Sibeliz here.

Olga María Czarkowski is a lifestyle blogger who has made her whole career in New York. Olga has such an amazing story of overcoming different obstacles in life to finally be able to live her dream in heels. The good news about Olga’s blog is that it is written in English.

Last year, Olga decided to relocate to Berlin and from there has added many new spots to her visited list such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Austria. You can check out some of these adventures on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Her advice to our readers on her interview was:

“Life is too short and you won’t take material stuff to the graveyard with you, but the lived experiences are unique and it is beautiful to look behind and be able to say that you were able to do it.”

Follow Olga here.

Jennifer Torres is the mastermind behind “Paticaliente por el Mundo”. Jennifer started her blog as a way to share her experiences traveling and to motivate other Puerto Rican females to travel. What I love from Jennifer’s blog is how authentic she can be on her thoughts and that you can feel from her words, that everything she wrote was absolutely genuine. On our interview, Jennifer told us that her biggest concern while traveling is feeling 100% secure, but that does not stop her. Her advice for other female travelers is:

“To all those female travelers, I would recommend to start you travel journeys in groups, so that way you can overcome your fear of flying.”

Follow Jennifer here.

Diana Otero and Pablo Díaz run one of the most succesful travel blogs in Puerto Rico, Andandos. They count with a good following and have collaborated on local newspapers. They are always innovating with tips on how to pack for certain destinations, instructions on how to get your visa to travel and reviews of the places they have stayed. When I asked them what traveling meant to them, the answer was:

“To travel is to learn lessons that can be applied on your personal life or work. While traveling your learn about other culture and that is when new ideas are born. It is like refreshing your imagination.”

Follow Pablo and Diana here.

Khriz Daniel is the only vlogger I was able to find while doing my research. He uploads his work to YouTube, Snapchat and Instgram every time he’s traveling. One of the most amazing this you can find on his YouTube channel is his marriage proposal in Machu Picchu. He recently visited South East Asia and his next trip is planned to be to Finland. His advice to those who want to travel is:

“Life is shorter than what it seems and someday you’ll regret what you haven’t done. You will regret wasting your life working crazy without getting to know a little bit of the world. Travel before is too late”

Follow Khriz on Youtube and Instagram.

Wilmarie Rivera and Miguel Camilo run Latitud Perfecta. They have gained many success in the island because they are focused on showing people that traveling is not necessary luxury but an experience that can be achieved with some effort. They have also collaborated with local newspaper and have grown a loyal following in the island. When I got the chance to speak with them, one of my favorite things they mentioned was:

“After your first trip, your life will change completely. That reason is more than enough to experience it.”

Follow Wilmarie and Miguel here.

Jancy Rosado started Boricua Viajera as a way to publish her pictures and experiences while traveling. It started as a Facebook page that later became also a blog. Jancy is passionate about Latin American destinations and has always encouraged women to overcome fear and to enjoy the experience traveling. From the bloggers I had the opportunity to interview, Jancy is the only one who is a mother and is soon to travel with her daughter. On her interview, Jancy mentioned something pretty interesting:

“When you finally decide to get to know the world you realize how many misconceptions we have towards other countries and cultures. The best way to discover what is wrong or right is living it on your own.”

Follow Jancy here.

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