BP To Donate Gulf Oil Revenue To Help Wildlife

In the aftermath of the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, oil company BP has looked for ways to make amends for the damage the spill has caused. In addition to footing the bill for the massive cleanup effort, BP has donated $1 million to help families of Gulf Coast fisherman forced out of work by the oil spill.

Now, the company has announced they will donate the revenue of the oil siphoned out of the Gulf to establish a fund to help wildlife threatened by the oil. Dozens of species of fish, birds, turtles and other animals living in the Gulf of Mexico have found themselves covered in crude oil, their habitats destroyed, unable to complete seasonal migrations -- for many, it is a deadly combination.

According to AOL News, BP executives estimate the revenue from the approximately 15,000 barrels a day that will be recovered is approximately $1.11 million a day. After deducting government royalties and sharing revenue with co-owners, $586,218 a day will be given to the wildlife fund.

McClatchy Newspapers reports,

The company also took pains to note that its contribution is voluntary; the fund it's creating is "over and above BP's obligations under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990." The money will be made available to state agencies and non-profits that are focused on wildlife protection and restoration, the company said.