Breast Cancer Survivor Shows Walmart Employees Scar To Prove Her Identity During Upsetting Ordeal

Breast Cancer Survivor Says Skeptical Walmart Employees Upset Her

A Walmart customer trying to return a book said she was upset after she felt she had to reveal her breast cancer scar in order to prove her identity. Walmart has since apologized for the incident.

The woman, who was not identified by KCTV, told the station she was merely trying to return a book to a Walmart store in Kansas City, Mo. The problem began when she told employees she didn't have a receipt and store employees asked to see I.D.

Chemotherapy had changed her hair color and length, she said, but not her facial features. Still, the employees reportedly refused to believe it was really her.

"They were rude to me. So I finally pulled down the top of my shirt and showed them I still have the scar," she told KCTV.

The Huffington Post reached out to Walmart for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

The customer's experiences are similar to those New York business consultant Lori Dorn said she endured at the hands of TSA agents last October.

The New York Daily News reports that Dorn, who has prosthetic implants due to a double mastectomy, offered to show TSA agents her implant card but was still subjected to a "humiliating" public pat down.

TSA later apologized for the incident, according to the QMI news agency, saying that while they endeavor to treat all passengers with respect, with Dorn "it looks like we missed our mark."

KCTV covered a separate but very similar incident in Kansas City, Mo., in October. Marcia Deitrick, who underwent bilateral mastectomies in 2007, said TSA officials considered her scars "an anomaly" and proceeded to pat her down in front of the line.

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