Jerry Brown Equates Meg Whitman With Arnold Schwarzenegger In Simple-Yet-Effective Attack (VIDEO)

Democrat Jerry Brown is out with a new campaign ad taking aim at Republican rival Meg Whitman with decision day in the California Governor's race less than two weeks away.

The line of messaging being fired in the one-minute television attack is clear and simple: Whitman's brand new vision for the Golden State is nothing other than the same old view that has been pushed by outgoing GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The ad -- titled "Echo" and set to air statewide-- features alternating clips of Whitman and Schwarzenegger communicating virtually the same lines.

The New Republic praised the spot, calling it "very effective without being nasty."

Following the release of the spot, Whitman pushed back against the attack and aimed to differentiate herself from the sitting California Governor. "Gov. Schwarzenegger did a number of good things, but he was primarily an actor, he was primarily investor, and I think missed a lot of the key things that could have been done," explained the Republican hopeful.

Nevertheless, Brown's campaign has signaled the footage in the new ad speaks for itself.

"Meg Whitman said it herself, 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results,'" said Steven Glazer, Campaign Manager for Brown. "Yet, the Long Island native has had no qualms about recycling the same platitudes, repackaging the same campaign events and rehiring the same high priced consultants as the state's current Governor."