Bruno Mars - 24K Magic Parody - 24 Hour Parenting

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Parenting is relentless. It's a 24 hour job. Just when you think you've got the kids down for the night, they're up again. And if you do manage to get them to stay in bed, you're left with a pile of dishes and a messy house to clean. So when I heard Bruno Mars' latest hit 24K Magic I instantly thought, "24K Magic??? Pfft. More like 24 Hour No Magic Just Exhaustion." And voila, a parody was born! Enjoy my latest parody Bruno Mars - 24K Magic Parody - 24 Hour Parenting.

And the best thing about this video is that it raised money for the local schools. Education is a cause that's very dear to my heart and I'm honored to be able to support public education with my silly videos. Enjoy! And SHARE!!!! Subscribe to MyLifeSuckers for more funny videos!