Caffe Luxxe: Baristi Attend The 4th Annual Latte Art Competition

PHOTOS: The 4th Annual Caffe Luxxe Latte Art Competition

Caffe Luxxe held their 4th Annual Latte Art Competition on Tuesday in Santa Monica -- and we have some photos of the gorgeous dairy designs.

"Baristi" from all three of Caffe Luxxe's locations were winnowed down to eight semi-finalists after a few pre-qualifying rounds. The elimination contest was a round robin-style match up judged by co-owner Mark Wain. Gary Chau, the other co-owner of the coffee ships, says that the event attracted up to 100 people and was "lively and festive," despite the concentration it takes to craft the milk foam art. Casey Corn emerged victorious in first place for her triple rosetta. Mike Coons won second for his latte heart, and Mario Chavez followed third for his classic rosetta.

Caffe Luxxe
925 Montana Avenue at 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 394-2222
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Photos courtesy of Caffe Luxxe.

Winning Triple Rosetta by Casey Corn


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