Call the Police - The Five Crimes of the Eurovision Final

Call the Police - The Five Crimes of the Eurovision Final
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Dial 911! The Eurovision 2016 Grand Final was filled with some major musical misdemeanours and we're looking for justice. Many Eurovision fans are still wondering why Slovenia and Macedonia failed to qualify, but let's take a look at some of the biggest crimes of the Grand Final itself.

1. Serbia places 18th

Many people were comparing the end of Sanja Vucic's song "Goodbye (Shelter)" to Eurovision 2007 winner Marija Serifovic. Her performance was packed with emotion, captivating staging and that powerful conclusion. However, Serbia
and only finished 18th in the final. An entry that belonged in the top 5 ending so low is inexplicable.

2. Barei places even worse than Edurne for Spain

Once again, Spain entered the contest with a brilliant song that was wildly popular among fans. And once again, that song couldn't even crack the Top 20.
, Barei did not receive the result most fans expected. In fact, she couldn't even improve on Edurne's 21st place result, despite gaining huge momentum with bookies while Europe voted. Europe, we want to know why you were saying nay to this one.

3. Czech Republic receives nil points in the televote

One of the biggest crimes of the Grand Final is the Czech Republic receiving nil points from the televote. The Czech Republic qualified for the first time ever and accrued a respectable and well deserved 41 points from the juries. Then, just like that, we found out that the televoters of Europe and Australia didn't even have a single point for Gabriela. Europe, were you not watching this entry?

4. Malta drops out of the top 10 after the televote

Malta's Ira Losco returned to Eurovision 14 years after finishing second behind Marie N. After spending much of the week as an outside favourite, things were looking up for the
as she finished fourth with the juries, seven points clear of hot favourite Sergey Lazarev. As the televote results were revealed, Malta were given a measly 16 points, sending them from fourth to twelfth. Clearly the people of Europe think that Ira Losco can't walk on water after all but I'm still adamant that she can.

5. Bulgaria doesn't crack the top 3

Bulgarian fans will undoubtedly be thrilled with Poli Genova's result -- the country's best finish ever. Amidst a Top 10 containing holograms, ballads with incredible vocals and plenty of slick staging, Poli proved that you need nothing more than an amazing song and a chicken dance to do well at Eurovision. Bulgaria's result is an incredible one, but Poli would have been very worthy of a Top 3 finish. Perhaps love was a crime after all.

What do you think were the biggest crimes of the show? Tell us in the comments.

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