Can The Millionaire Matchmaker Help You Find Love?

The other night, I caught the show the Millionaire Matchmaker.

I have to tell you, I'm not much of a TV person at all. I just find TV boring -- it doesn't stimulate me. But I personally know Patty Stanger, so I wanted to check out the new season. This episode was the season kickoff. I tell you, this series never disappoints. Every week, there's an emotional train wreck.

For those of you who don't know what the premise of the show is, Patty is a matchmaker -- a millionaire matchmaker. She runs a business called the Millionaire's Club. The show features two millionaires, or one male and one feamale millionaire. These millionaires come to Patty because they're searching for love.

What they're really searching for is perfection. For some reason or other, people who make a lot of money feel that they're perfect in every which way -- and that they deserve perfection in another person. The millionaires on the season premier were a trip to watch. There was Derrick, a 39-year-old Italian guy from Staten Island who looked like a New York Sopranos wanna be in every way; fun, interesting to watch, big sports fan, the type of guy I grew up with. I enjoyed watching him.

But, like for most 39-year-old millionaires, the love Derrick was searching for had to be smart, had to have beauty. We're not talking about regular beauty, we're talking about Hawaiian tropics-type beauty. She had to have brains and she had to be different than all the other young dumb girls that he's been dating.

So, Patty sets up a mixer, and in the mixer, what does Derrick do? Instead of going for the 30-year-old blond that's smart, that's interesting, that's ready for a family, Derrick pays zero attention to her. Basically, Derrick is led by his groin and takes the same young dumb girl he's been dating the whole time. He wants kids and this girl tells him she's not interested in having kids right now, but he doesn't listen.

That's the problem with a lot of these men; they don't listen. They want a fantasy. They want to be with a trophy. It's part of what I've found dealing and coaching with these types of guys over the years; they like to show off their possessions. And these women are really possessions to them.

They say they want an incredible, beautiful, fantastic woman inside and out, but in reality, they want a possession. They want a woman that their friends can still say, as if they're in high school, "How did you land that one? -- you're amazing!" They don't want to grow up, they're man boys. And every single week it's fun to watch Patty put them in their place and watch them stick their tails between their legs and beg her to be kicked out of the club.

This week also had a woman millionaire, and if you think women are any different, they aren't. This woman had money, obviously family money. She's spoiled to death and all she wants is a Jewish George Clooney. Oh right, like that exists -- a 43-year-old Jewish George Clooney. Go find one. He's got to be tall, he's got to be great looking, he's got to be debonair, he's got to be in great shape. I grew up a New York Jew.

Most Jewish men in their 40's are slightly pudgy and short. And let me tell you something, this woman was one of the most condescending people I have ever met in my entire life. Everything about her was as warm as a frigid January day in Chicago. She had no warmth at all. Patty found her a couple of good guys, but she didn't like any of them because they were all "beneath" her. She had a look about her, a nasty facial expression whenever she was confronted with one of the guys.

Not to mention she brags that she wears a chastity belt. The woman is so in need of an orgasm, it's ridiculous. Maybe if she had an orgasm and got laid once in a while, she'd be less of a condescending beast.

So she went out on a date, and she was evaluating every word that her date said. She actually sat there in silence at times. I felt bad for the guy. Whenever the guy said something, she would judge him. She was boring, she was condescending and she just wasn't a nice person. She didn't deserve the date that she had. The date backfired when the guy said something like, "I'm really good at sex." She freaked out because he actually mentioned the word "sex." Of course, the date didn't work out. She's unmatchable and she'll never find what she's looking for, because she's looking for perfection.

Check out Patti's new season, Tuesday nights on Bravo. If you really want to learn something about dating and money, watch this show. It is my favorite guilty pleasure on TV!