Can You Be a Global Woman?

"True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision"
Edith Wharton (American author and poet 1862-1937)

It is a bold question and a bold vision, yet basically the answer is 'yes.' More women are invested in the world than ever before, whether we like it or not. We are interconnected through our vast media and parts of the world have no visible borders anymore. There are some grand projects driven by vast investments in innovations to solve some of the world's problems in science, in medicine, in micro-culture and other fields of endeavor. Plenty of optimistic people are helping the ills of the world and many resources are applied.

Yet at times we watch the world spinning out of balance, and it tugs on our hearts and we often feel helpless, however we also watch women being empowered even during these uneasy times. Women have more in common than we realize and accomplish more than we know. They nurture, inspire others and are often the glue that holds families together. Valuing life has nothing to do with gender, for quality, constancy, flexibility and a clear vision are important facts experienced every day by everyone. Throughout these many years, women have been learning and gaining a better understanding of themselves, their passions, their possibilities and their visions. They have also gained more respect.

Whatever their nationality, women share a need to better themselves and secure their families through better food, better education and more awareness in safety. Surely there are moments of humiliation and humbling ones-yet even through all these moments, even the negative ones, women move forward. For many years we have been searching and asking for equality, demanding it now should be the quest. It also has to do with inequality in pay... for it is shameful that women, and not only in the United States, are paid less for their contributions to their country and its workforce. Does it take an act of force, or demonstrations or fighting for this necessary aim? Issues like gender and race should not be a factor anymore. How can we be part of the 'global world' if we don't respect fifty percent of our population or workforce?

Across the globe women connect with each other differently, yet beneath it all is a common language and that is providing support to help each other deal with the environmental stress and difficult life experiences. We might arrive by different streets and countries, language and experience, yet women share feelings no matter what nationality, race or religion. It is natural for women to reach out across the global world, covering vast distances. Technology has been a great gift to eliminate many misunderstandings. The goal for women in this global environment is a better understanding and through their influence and their relevance wherever they are part of and act in...even if asked 'are you a global woman?'?

"Give me the sorrow of the entire world - I will turn it into hope"
Pablo Neruda (Chilean Poet 1904-1973 - Nobel Prize in Literature 1971)