Comedian Lauren Reeves Exposes The Real Problem With Car Ads

Breaking News: Women are not cars. They can actually drive cars -- and buy them, too!

Of course to the vast majority of human beings, this is very much not breaking news. But apparently, the geniuses behind a lot of car ads haven't quite figured it out. In a video segment for AdWeek, comedian Lauren Reeves breaks down just why car advertisements treat women so absurdly.

She hilariously imagines how the creative meeting about Fiat's recent commercial -- where women's bodies were actually used to create a car -- went down:

I'd like to imagine the Fiat ad pitch went a little something like this: "OK, guys what do we think about 100% of the time? Cars and women. Guess what? They are the same thing. Brilliant."

We recommend watching the full video -- and then demanding that car companies and their creative teams do better.

[H/T AdWeek]



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