Carmen Trutanich, LA District Attorney Candidate: 6 Reasons Why LA Has A Distaste For Him (VIDEOS)

From news headlines like "Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich" to "Carmen the Barbarian," LA has clearly taken a disliking to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. There's even a rumored plane that has been known to fly above downtown with a banner reading: "Nuch is a liar."

So what has he done that is so horrible? We've laid out the man's six biggest mistakes for you below. Each one is accompanied by a video of the one and only so you can judge for yourself.

Maybe it's just the media, potheads, "tagbangers" and dreadlocked protesters who dislike the "Nuch." Or perhaps he's on your black list as well.

BOTTOM LINE: Does every city need a politician to hate? Or does Trutanich deserve his boogie man status?