Catios (Yes, Cat Patios) Are The New Way To Pamper Mr. Whiskers

That’s a patio built specially for cats, of course.
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Forget that she shed or man cave: The home addition you need to build is a catio (um, that’s a patio built specially for cats, of course).

Catio Spaces

Why does Boots need his own room, you may ask? An enclosed outdoor space satisfies a feline’s innate desire to frolic in nature but without exposing him to predators, whizzing cars and bullying from that mean tabby cat next door. Plus, you’re saving birds from being prey, as well as providing a ventilated place for the litter box.

The catio concept is trending, thanks to the Seattle-based Catio Spaces, which sells four downloadable cat enclosure plans ranging from a window box to a major free-standing structure that connects to your home via tunnel. Plans cost $40 to $70, and Seattle-area residents can even work with the company to build a custom unit.

After all, you never know when your cat will want to pretend she’s a stealthy tiger, while still knowing how to get home for dinner.


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