'Cellulite Confessions' Ad For Vichy Cellulite Treatment Can Cure A Sagging Smile (VIDEO)

Body shapers? Body wraps?

In the fight against cellulite, those tactics are so over, according to a funny new commercial. The women in the ad have moved on to something else.

"Cellulite Confessions," a spot for Vichy's CelluDestock and Destock Stomach anti-cellulite creams conceived by creative firm Portal A, features women recounting their struggle to tame their so-called cottage cheese thighs.

The satire manages to squeeze in some laugh-out-loud moments. We don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say Spanx and its ilk don't exactly spark hubby's libido, the ad suggests. And if you've got a 4-year-old nephew with a vacuum cleaner, run.

For the price of $39.50 a tube, you can reduce cellulite on "hips, thighs and buttocks," the product copy promises.

Or you could always try moisturizing jeans and squats.

Too bad laughing at a silly commercial can't iron out skin dimples. We'd all be cured by now.

How does Vichy's ad stack up against these?

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