Doctor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Multiple Elderly, Disabled Patients

An Illinois doctor is accused of sexually assaulting a bedridden patient as more allegations emerge that as many as 11 other patients -- many of them elderly and disabled -- endured years of similar abuse while under his care.

Prosecutors said Dehaan sexaully assaulted a bedridden, 61-year-old suburban Chicago woman and abused her over a span of three years when he made doctor's visits to her home, the Sun-Times reports.

During visits spanning from 2009 until 2012, the Tribune reports the 59-year-old doctor is accused of fondling the disabled patient and forcing her to touch his genitals during closed-door exams with her. According to the Sun-Times, prosecutors said the woman cried and pleaded with Dehaan to stop during the alleged acts, but that Dehaan said no one would believe her since he was a doctor and she had psychiatric “issues."

Dehaan is accused of having sex with at least one patient who has a history of mental disorders and to whom he prescribed medications like Ritalin and Norco, according to WREX Rockford.

Other accusations against Dehaan include laying on top of an 81-year-old patient and fondling her breasts and exposing himself to patients while touching their inner thighs, breasts and fondling them.

Dehaan, who formerly worked with an in-home physician practice named House Calls of Rockford, was ordered to surrender his passport in court Sunday; WREX Rockford reports Dehaan's Illinois medical license was suspended in January, though the Sun-Times reports he's still licensed to practice medicine elsewhere.

Dehaan, who is married with three children, is also under federal indictment for Medicare fraud, according to FBI reports.