'Chase' This Book Down!

Romance? Check. New York City livin'? Check. Wonderful wit and audacious charm? Absolutely. Jill Knapp-Zitron's newest novel, Chase, combines false love with blissful dreams -- a twist of life that's sure to please all readers.

Twenty-three year-old Amalia Hastings seeks to find how men behave when they move to Manhattan. Though she originally fears the streets of the city that never sleeps, she finds that it is more difficult to navigate her own life. She stumbles through some relationships, losing and gaining friends along the way. Her life is altered when she meets Michael, a hunky classmate who turns out to be using her for hookups rather than a committed relationship. When the opportunity of her lifetime arrives, she's forced to choose between love and the pursuit of her dream. Amalia must decide what it is that is most important to chase.

In the midst of the influx of literature being published today, it's refreshing to find a novel that truly hits the heartstrings. The playfulness of the city setting contrasts Amalia's chaos in her life, connecting the reader to the stable and the unstable. Knapp-Zitron's use of witty and romantic language contributes to the encouragement the reader feels for Amalia's victories, idolizing her as the hero for finding life's true meaning.

What I found most appealing about Chase, however, was that it made me reevaluate some decisions in my life. As the main message in the novel centralizes the idea of chasing a goal over chasing a misconception, I too have found that I must chase a goal over a misconception. As a senior in high school, just beginning my second semester, I am getting ready to choose a college -- a college that is not only an educational center but also one that will be my home for the next four years. It is a decision that requires the chase of a lifetime. The relationship that I built with the story of Chase was insurmountable to any novel before. Though I am not close to settling down, I resonated with Amalia's struggle to find meaning in the jumble of life's requirements.

As Founder and CEO of Her Culture, an organization promoting culture-sharing amongst women across the globe, I have been lucky enough to work with Mrs. Knapp-Zitron for our most recent magazine issue. She is not only a brilliant writer, but she also characterizes love in modern society. She has appeared on several news channels and has dedicated multiple Huffington Post articles to dating advice. Her dedication to Amalia's character proves her relationship with important things in life, as well as the interest she has in loving love.

Chase serves as an inspiration for women and men alike to pursue what makes them truly happy. With this happiness comes meaning. Sometimes, the chase of a goal is what teachers us more about life than the actual goal itself.