And The Country That Drinks The Most Beer Is...

Europe is where it's at.

There are many reasons to love the beer renaissance, but the hiking price of the drink is not one of them. Six dollar six-packs used to be the norm; now people are shelling out that same amount for just one beer. It couldn't be more apropos, then, that Finance Online put together some data to see where in the world you can buy the cheapest beer -- pssst, it's the Ukraine -- and where on this planet beer is exorbitantly expensive -- Iran. If you love beer, but don't want to spend your life savings on it, stay clear of the Middle East and head on over to Eastern Europe.

Not only does Europe boast some of the cheapest beer, but it's also where you can find the highest number of drinking buddies per capita. Head on over to the Czech Republic, and as a beer lover you'll be surrounded by like-minded people -- this country consumes the most beer in the world.

Also ranked in the top 10 highest beer-drinking countries are Germany, Estonia, Poland, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania and Romania. Considering that eight out of the 10 most beer-loving countries can be found in Europe, we can confidently state that this continent sure does like its brew. The U.S. sits at 14th place, which is pretty high up there too. Check out the rest of the data in the nifty infographic below.


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