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Cheez It Recipe: Even Better Homemade (PHOTO)

And they're better for you too.

In the world of addictive snacks (Snyder's Pretzel Pieces and Pringles to name a few) the bright orange cracker, Cheez-It, is high up there on the list of top 10. They're just the right amount of cheese flavor and too much salt. There's just one problem: too much processed food is never a good idea.

That's why we were thrilled when our Senior Editor at HuffPost Taste came in with a bag of slightly spicy, homemade Cheez Its. They tasted even better than the store-bought kind -- meaning they're doubly addictive -- and the best part is that you can easily pronounce all the ingredients (meaning you can indulge in these crackers without worrying about growing a third eye).

When Cheez Its are homemade you can use whole wheat flour, like food blogger Cooking Ala Mel does, to make them a healthy snack. Mel's recipe uses real cheddar cheese but you can get fancy and try an aged variety or you can experiment with different cheeses like Parmesan or Gouda. You can also experiment with using chili flakes or other spices (even fresh horseradish!). Get the homemade Cheez It recipe and bake them up today. It's the greatest gift we could ever give you.

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