Chef Finds 'GOD' In Eggplant Sliced At Gino's Restaurant In Baton Rouge

Chef Finds 'GOD' In An Eggplant

Slicing into an eggplant turned into a religious experience for a Baton Rouge chef when he found the word "GOD" spelled out inside, arranged in seeds.

Line cook Jermarcus Brady of Gino's Restaurant called it a "miraculous image" in an interview with WAFB, a CBS affiliate in Baton Rouge.

Brady is religious and told WAFB that his faith has helped him to get through rough times.

"He's showing me that 'hey, I'm real' and that's the only thing I can depend on," he told the station.

He told local ABC affiliate WBRZ that he's "scared to slice another eggplant."

Gino Marino, one of the restaurant's owners, was also moved by the spiritual seed arrangement.

"I went back there and he was overwhelmed," Marino told WBRZ. "I looked at it, we were just drawn back. We just couldn't believe what we were looking at."

While it may seem unusual, this is not the first sighting of its kind.

In 2007, a Pennsylvania woman also found God in an eggplant.

Other nightshade fruits have also had holy encounters, including a tomato that appeared to show Jesus as it decomposed as well as Jesus sightings in potatoes and a potato chip.

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