Fired Chef Uses Restaurant Twitter Account To Get Revenge

Restaurants, like any company, have to be mindful of their employee's social media activity, but it's not every day that a restaurant's own Twitter feed becomes a liability. On December 15, The Plough Pub in Great Haseley, England fired its head chef, Jim Knight. The chef had access to the pub's Twitter account, and unleashed a tirade of tweets publicizing his layoff.

First he highlighted the timing of his dismissal:

Then, Knight got personal, telling the pub's Twitter followers about his family:

Next, he made a sarcastic dig at the pub's food, claiming most of it comes from a British supermarket chain.

Plough Pub landlord Mr. Potts told the Mirror that this claim was "outrageous and untrue." While he admitted certain staples come from the supermarket, he refuted the point that the pub is passing off cheap meat at a premium.

Because the tweets are still up on The Plough Pub's Twitter page, it seems that Knight has control over the account. As he clarifies on his own Twitter page:

Under the pub's Twitter photo reads a message, presumably from Knight: "Let this be a lesson to all bad catering employers..."

So what's the lesson? All Knight's hell-raising hasn't been for nothing. Apparently he received a "serious job offer" after the whole thing. That's one way to find a new job!

[h/t Eater]

UPDATE 12/17: Jim Knight is now employed at another pub close to The Plough called The Shepard's Crook.

Not only did Knight get a new gig out of the whole ordeal, but he also gets Christmas off. He doesn't, however, have access to the Shepard's Crook's Twitter account.



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