Woman Turns Staircase Cupboard Into Swinging Chihuahua Bachelor Pad

The dog's owner admits: "He is very spoiled."

Harry Potter had a miserable time living under the stairs of his relatives’ house ― but Poncho looks right at home.

Poncho’s owner, retired schoolteacher Betty McCall, has turned the staircase cupboard in her Pitts, Georgia, home into a swinging bachelor pad for her 4-year-old canine.

But this isn’t an out-of-control animal house. McCall insists on some ground rules for her four-legged tenant.

“I have a little toy piano that I also got and I told him he could have it as long as he doesn’t play it at midnight,” she quipped to ABC News.

The studio-apartment-under-the-staircase has all sorts of amenities, including a cozy bed, a lamp, a picture of dogs playing poker and a mini grand piano, according to Mashable.com.There’s even a hat rack for a sombero.
Originally, McCall planned to use the tiny room to hold Poncho’s dog crate. However, once she found an American Girl brass doll bed at a thrift store, she started a home reclamation project worthy of an HGTV show. Her sisters got into the act and made Poncho a teeny-weeny rug, an itsy-bitsy lamp and itty-bitty decorative antlers, according to BuzzFeed.There’s even an electrical outlet for an electric blanket on cold nights.
“He is terribly spoiled,” McCall admitted to ABC News, and joked the whole project is mainly a way “to aggravate my carpenters.”
On the serious side, she says her chihuahua needed a place to chill, since he gets nervous when there are a lot of people in the house.
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