Weird Animals

A plot to capture the runaway animals will require two more zebras.
One victim described the nutty attack as "an MMA cage match! And I lost!”
A Minnesota woman says she accidentally got the critter sloshed.
Soloman the runaway tortoise didn't get far -- barely an eighth of a mile before he was found.
A member of the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office climbed onto the roof of a nearby house, cut the hammock and freed the animal.
City officials say traps are being placed around the lagoon in hopes the animal will swim into one and be safely removed.
“By installing the amphibian ladders, it enables them to get back out of the drains and back to their breeding pools and doing what they should do and making more amphibians,” one frog lover said.
The kangaroo only stopped the attack after the couple's son hit it with a piece of wood.
These aggressive mountain goats love human pee and sweat so much that they need to be relocated from this popular national park.
It costs nearly $100 an hour to get this goat to your shindig.
“I think it’s unfair to treat these animals the way we do because we don’t understand them,” Philippe Gillet said.
The hotel that inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining” was invaded by a curious, little brown bear.
The race begins with the words, "Ready, steady slow!"
Researchers say the study may have parallels with overweight humans.
The incident started when the suspect allegedly tried to walk between police horses.