Chris Anthony's 'Seas Without Shore': Photography Collection Of Seahorses, Masks, Solitude And Survival (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Seahorses, Masks And A Strange Little World

Is it just us or does something seem fundamentally wrong with photographing a seahorse with a digital camera? We would bet that photographer Chris Anthony agrees, given that he captures the delicate mystery of the little guys with wet plate collodion images, a process developed in the mid-19th century.

He calls it the "antidote to all things digital," but we call it a sepia-tinged trip through a vintage science lab. His collection of supernatural specimens, "Seas Without Shore" is a mix of sea creature skeletons, homemade masks and other strange yet somehow fitting subject matter. Anthony described the themes on the Kickstarter page as "solitude, hope and survival."

seas without shore

We are trying to keep calm over our excitement for Anthony's budding collection, which combines Ralph Eugene Meatyard's taste for the bizarre with Francesca Woodman's understanding of light and dark. Anthony wants to turn his photographs into a book of 90 photographs via a massive Kickstarter campaign. Only hours remain for you to contribute to the building of Anthony's demented little world. Won't you help his anachronistic mission?

See a slideshow of his work below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Seas Without A Shore

Seas Without Shore

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