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Christina Aguilera Almost Has A Wardrobe Malfunction On 'The Voice' (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

We're so nervous.

Christina Aguilera has had some wardrobe malfunction close calls on her NBC Show "The Voice" before -- remember this virtual nip slip? We still can't believe she avoided that one. It's a miracle of physics.

Aguilera, 31, almost blinded us with science again on Tuesday night's episode. When the hair color experimentalist and singer hit the stage with Cee Lo Green to perform their duet "Make the World Move" off her new album Lotus, their kooky style brought things to a new level of interesting.

While Cee Lo got away with a white shiny suit and a scepter (and honestly, didn't look like he was feeling the whole thing at all), Christina slipped into a Moulin Rouge-like ensemble, complete with thigh-high white boots and topped with a pale pink afro as she worked her diva pipes on the crowd.

But every time Aguilera leaned over, we got a little nervous at how low cut her bodice was.

Check out the pics below, and keen wardrobe malfunction spotters: feel free to Zapruder the video footage. What do you think of Xtina's Xtina-y ensemble?


christina aguilera

christina aguilera

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