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Christina Applegate On Jimmy Kimmel Live: Actress Tells A Story About The Stabbing She Saw (VIDEO)

WATCH: Christina Applegate Shares Gruesome Teen Memory

Christina Applegate revealed a gruesome memory from her teen years on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

The actress, who had recently seen The Cure live in concert, admitted that the band was a throwback to her days as a young teen, when she saw the British band multiple times at the age of 13.

But the memories don't end there. "The last time I saw them was at the Forum here in Los Angeles," said Applegate, and "a guy started stabbing himself before the concert."

At this point, Kimmel's jaw dropped, but Applegate kept on going (with hand motions, to boot). "He came down from the sides -- we thought he was doing some kind of Shakespearean performance, but he was stabbing himself repeatedly."

"It's so much funnier in my memories than it is coming out of my mouth," she admitted.

"Oh, it's hilarious," Kimmel deadpanned.

The actress might be referring to The Cure's concert in July of 1986, when 38-year-old Jonathan Moreland stabbed himself repeatedly to impress a girl named Andrea. This Los Angeles Times article has more on the story:

Inglewood police and security guards wrested the weapon from the hand of Jonathan Moreland, 38, and administered first aid until he could be turned over to paramedics, who took him to UCLA Medical Center for treatment. He was later reported in satisfactory condition. Bare chested and wearing a cowboy hat and jeans amid the mostly teen-age crowd that had come to hear The Cure, a British band, Moreland told police he wanted to impress a girl named Andrea. A suicide note was found in his truck, parked outside the arena.

Applegate isn't the only person who was scarred for life after witnessing the violent attack. A Cure fan posted on a concert board that "it was an awful thing to see." The fan also noted that the victim "was not a Cure fan."

Another blogger with memories of that day wrote, "the concert started with a delay, of course, but the evening had been already ruined."

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