Hat Designer Not Afraid To Mix Retro Frames With An African Cap (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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In true Gemini form, Christopher is as serious as he is lighthearted, always needing to stand out from the crowd visually, but tastefully. On the one hand, he is calm, collected and classic, in his gold, silk Brooks Brothers suspenders, high-waisted khakis and spectacles. On the other hand, he is frenzied and emotional, pushing boundaries in his African multi-colored cap, floral tie used as a bow, and over-sized RetroSuperFuture frames. Keep reading below. This was originally posted on

Christopher Garbushian from

Christopher particularly loves the details that accessories provide, considering them to be self-defining, like the unusual combination of a rosary with an anchor that a friend gave him from Columbia. He sees it as symbolic of the hypocrisy represented by one's need to fit into organized groups that preach "acceptance," but lack free thinking. However, it is clear that rigid belief systems don't affect him or his creative expression, as few men today could wear a wreath on their head with as much poise and confidence as Chris. The Roman reference is very inspiring, and I could see it adding a lot of personal character to a gray flannel suit. Christopher is attracted to wearing hats for their ability to stand out.


That love, combined with his unusually deep, imaginative relationship with his business partner, Laurel St Romain (closet-to-come), gave birth to their company of one of a kind hats, Ilovefactorybk. One would look sedate in a breton tee, white boat sneakers and navy madras pants, however, Christopher makes it humorous, when he adds the '50's straw handbag (that June Cleaver would carry), flip top shades with tortoise chain and a skull necklace. With this outfit, the vintage straw hat combined with paisley is made timeless and modern, as only someone as earnest and visionary as Christopher, can do.

"I spun a globe and wherever my finger landed was where I was going to go. That is what really broke me out of my shell... I wanted it to be a mystery; I wanted to feel alone." Christopher Garbushian

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