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Coca-Cola By DRx, The Clothing Line We Didn't Really Need, Makes Its Debut

Coca-Cola has debuted a 200-piece clothing line by vintage designer Dr. Romanelli, aka DRx, reports Ad Week.

The streetwear collection was inspired by Coke-branded clothing that Romanelli sourced from flea markets and vintage stores around the world. And it doesn't come cheap -- jackets could cost up to $1,650 and t-shirts go from $35 to $50. The line is available in select stores in nine cities around the world including New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

So if you're a huge soda fan that also really likes bomber jackets, well, then this line is for you. Check out some of the pieces:

A post shared by DRx Romanelli (@drxromanelli) on

A post shared by DRx Romanelli (@drxromanelli) on

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Kind of reminds us of that time Jean Paul Gaultier designed Coke bottles:

Diet Coke Goes Designer

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