Connecting to the Divine in Meditation

Connecting to the Divine in Meditation
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"In one word, this ideal is that you are divine." -- Swami Vivekananda

I recently taught a few women Mindful Meditation. As I watched them go through a transformation before me, I felt that what I was witnessing was the "divine" moving through them. Their faces became much softer, and the energy that emanated from them was luminous.

When I meditate, I feel the very thing that I saw in their faces, which for me is connecting to "oneness," and being in a state of balance, peace and harmony. Who we are is the essence of all that is divine, and when you meditate, you can drop into that oneness, and that's why it can feel euphoric.

If you were able to observe yourself meditating, you could see how genuinely peaceful you look when you're connecting to something that feels so heavenly.

Here's a Mindful Meditation you can do with another person, and take turns witnessing the divine presence in each other:

1. Sit across from one another.
2. In a soft voice tell them to close their eyes.
3. Tell them to take a few deep breaths in and out.
4. Tell them to connect to a place within them that feels purely accepting.
5. Tell them that you love them.
6. Tell them they are beautiful.
7. Tell them they are perfect.
8. Tell them they are filled with light.
9. Tell them that love is always present.
10. Tell them that when they are ready, bring their focus back to this moment and open their eyes.
11. Hug them.
12. Hold that sacred space together.

In meditation, we can come to know ourselves as who we truly are -- divine, and by witnessing it in another person, we can see what an exquisite vision it is to behold.