Neuroscientist Richard Davidson On How Happiness Can Be Learned

Yes, Happiness Is A Skill You Can Learn

We often think of happiness as something we need to pursue, but researchers may suggest otherwise. It turns out that joy isn't as elusive as we think -- in fact, it may be something we can cultivate on our own.

HuffPost Live's Roy Sekoff sat down with neuroscientist and University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Richard Davidson in Davos, who explained how we can actually teach ourselves how to be happy.

"We don't really think of happiness as a skill, but everything we've learned about the brain suggests that it's no different than learning to play the violin or learning to engage in a complex sport," Davidson said. "If you practice at it, you'll get better at it."

To view more of the conversation on happiness, watch the full HuffPost Live clip above.

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