Coolest Gadgets We Found This Season

Coolest Gadgets We Found This Season
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It seems that with every passing year, everyday objects are getting smarter and smarter. From artificial intelligence to automated kitchen goods, every product we’ve found here has streamlined the processes in our lives. Check out the coolest gadgets we found this holiday season and try them out for yourselves.

Cuisinart Precision Master 5.5Q Stand Mixer—With a powerful motor and large capacity stainless-steel bowl, Cuisinart has mastered the art of mixing with their gorgeous device. Its splashguard prevents any accidental splattering to save your food and your walls. This mixer is the go-to for any cooking or baking needs.

Silent Circle Blackphone 2.0—Build your life around the Blackphone 2.0 to live a life of privacy and security. Now with more RAM and a larger display, Blackphone gives you all of the security and privacy, without compromising any design or usage features. Work and live under the radar with top of the line secured communication and file sharing using Blackphone 2.0.

Brush Hero—Never has a device so simple been so useful. BrushHero introduces a new era of deep cleaning with its unique rotating bristle head that is to clean every hard to reach nook and cranny. Attach to your garden house and voila, you have the perfect attachment to clean the grill, wash the car, shower the dog, and more. The options are endless with Brush Hero.

Lazerwood Macbook Keys—Add some class to your MacBook with Lazerwood Keys, beautiful wood pieces that attach to your keyboard with adhesive that will give your MacBook an upgrade. Available in walnut or cherry, find the perfect companion to match your workspace.

Spider Pro Holster—Take your amateur (or professional!) photography skills and give them a boost with Spider Camera Holster, the most functional and innovative camera carrying system. With spider holster, you can grab your DSLR and snap that award-winning photo in a flash, without needing to un-Velcro or un-zip a camera bag.

Gun Box 2.0—The perfect box for your gun to keep you and your mind safe, the GunBox 2.0 outperforms most other safes with its embedded bluetooth, biometric, and RFID scanners to list access. With a motion alarm, this device will sound upon movement as well to keep your gun in your hands only, complete with a modern design.

RainMachine Touch HD-12—The newest generation of RainMAchine contains 12 zones for sprinkler control with weather tracking and monitoring to adjust your watering rates. On top of that, this sprinkler system saves your wallet and conserves water with smart scheduling to scientifically improve water efficiency. This state-of-the-art device will keep you in control of both your water bill and your plants, all while on an easy to use platform.

WaveSound2—Paww’s WaveSound is bringing some new competition into the market of noise-cancelling headphones. With bluetooth capabilities, hands-free calling, noise-cancellation and a replaceable 36 hour lasting battery, being a competitor is hard to refute. Built from durable zinc alloys, this device is sure to last you beyond just the next year, bringing you groovy tunes the whole way through.

Behmor Connected Brewer—The smart coffeemaker from Behmor connects to your phone to ensure a perfect brew at the perfect time everyday. Nothing sounds more enticing than a piping hot cup of Joe to get you out of bed. Schedule your coffee schedule with Behmor and receive a text when your coffee is ready to sip.

TarDisk—Use TarDisk to expand your Macintosh HD with a gadget that stays perfectly flush with your MacBook. No more protruding disks or flash drives, pop the TarDisk into your SDXC port to expand your solid-state without any stress. Don’t rely on Internet-dependent cloud-storage when you could buy a TarDisk to solve all of your issues with just a click.

eHang Ghost Drone Aerial Version—Master your drone driving skills with EHang’s Aerial Drone. See the world in a whole new perspective with this innovative drone that is accompanied by avatar control and connected to your phone. With this drone, your phone is the controller. If you’re a beginner drone operator or even an advanced drone master wanting to try out new ventures, eHang has got you covered with its “You broke it, we’ll fix it policy for the first year of ownership.

Sphero—Rolling in at 14mph, the Darkside Ollie by Sphero connects to your phone and gives you the ultimate racing experience powered by USB charging. Spin, flip and drift your Darkside Ollie. A toy for kids and adults of all ages, Darkside Ollie is definitely one for the gift list. Or, for Star Wars fans, the Star Wats Force Band and BB-8 droid is for you. Control your droid using a force bracelet that will let you become the master of droid control. Without a doubt, this brand is sure to be the most sought after toy of 2016 holiday season.

Black and Decker SmarTech Cordless Drill/Driver—The drill to beat out all other drills, Black and Decker has formulated smart technology to use as a portable charger for your devices or use an app to manage the battery life of your cordless drill. Don’t run out of juice just before you begin finishing off your home improvement project. Long gone are the days where you will open a cabinet with the intent of assembly, but find that your drill is dead as a nail.

Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard—If the aesthetic appeal of Qwerkywriter doesn’t draw you in, I guarantee you that the click-clack of the keys will. That intense allure of typewriting sounds will give you indescribable pleasure, even as you type away at budget reports or a final paper. Qwerkywriter uses bluetooth connection to work with any smart device or computer, and even has a tablet stand. Qwerkywriter, the smart typewriter is here to maximize your productivity.

WipeBook—Use the WipeBook to maximize your productivity with erasable and removable dry erase pages. Keep it with you to write down any idea you have through the day, without spending exorbitant amounts of money on notebooks with pages that you ball up and toss in the trash. It’s time to go back to the drawing board with WipeBoard, the portable dry erase board.

FerroFlow—The FerroFlow is one of the most pragmatic art pieces we have seen to date. This object is able to manipulate ferrofluid inside to create visually aesthetic art displays. This artwork creates a truly gorgeous experience, perfect for any home or office, whether that be a waiting room or living room.

Pancake Bot 2.0—The Pancake Bot 2.0 is honestly one of the coolest products we have seen. If you are used to having friends over for Sunday Brunch and don’t want to waste your time standing over the stuff, this is the product for you. It will firstly amaze your guests and have them standing and watching in awe. Not only that, you can have a little fun. What do we mean? You can take a picture of your face and scan it in to the product software to convert that into a file able to be used to print pancake faces, perfect for the narcissist in you.

Native Union iPhone Marble Charging Dock—Check out this dock for those of you looking to add a touch of luxury into your room. Let your phone rest in pure upper echelon bliss in your marble charging dock that will surely match any room with its two shade color options.

Ullo Wine Purifier—This wine purifier uniquely filters sulfates while simultaneously aerating the wine that is being poured. Using proprietary polymer technology, the filtering of sulfates helps remove bitter taste and enhances other flavor properties of the wine. If you are in the market for a carafe or a decanter, Ullo also offer these items made by handblown glass.

Tobii Eye Tracker4C—Powered by the world’s first eye tracking ASIC, the Tobii 4C Eye Tracker amplifies the game experience by providing simultaneous head and eye tracking that can be used in a wide variety of popular games. Imagine Tom Clancy’s The Division or Watch Dogs 2 with this immersive experience and true first person playing.

Capresso—For an in-home coffee shop, look to Capresso for professional-quality machinery for coffee, espresso, and tea. The Cafe Pro espresso machine is our go-to for anytime we feel like our Starbucks spending has gone a bit through the roof. You’ll feel like a true barista with this espresso machine. If you’re a tea kind of guy, look at the Iced Tea Maker. With brushed stainless steel, the iced tea maker will brew a fresh pitcher of iced tea at a moment’s notice.

SonoPillow—Reinventing the neck pillow is SonoPillow, with a flexible spine and thinner, more ergonomic neck support to lean on. With its memory foam interior, the SonoPiillow is the epitome of a transformation of the commonplace neck pillow elevating it to a new level of comfort.

FLOTE—FLOTE is the most adjustable and enjoyable tablet stand in the market with multiple sights available with a sturdy base that you can trust. FLOTE stands are durable and beautiful, making any home seem like a tech hub. Get the most out of your tablet with FLLOTE stands.

Acemile Theater Box—Replace the thousands of dollars surround system on your wishlist with Acemile Theatre Box, the tissue box sized speaker that will spread sound too completely fill the room, able to be heard from any angle or direction. Amaze your guests with the three-dimensional sound from Acemile.

Elemnt Marble Slab Covers—Spark anyone’s attention with this marble cover for MacBook and iPhone devices. Elemnt fuses a genuine slab of marble with a polycarbonate shell that can both protect and add beautiful aesthetic design to your MacBook, while being easily interchangeable. Check out the limited edition white marble display before it goes out of stock! Your MacBook deserves this kind of luxury, wouldn’t you say?

TP-Link AC1900 Touch Screen Wi-Fi Range Extender—For those of you with houses where the wifi never seems to quite reach the entirety of the floor plan, look to TP Link to expand your range up to 10,000sqft, while streaming and gaming to your heart’s content. After potentially spending exorbitant amounts of money for wifi and tech, it only makes sense to use them to its max capacity, with TP Link’s amazing range extender where the complaint of “I can’t get the wifi” doesn’t require the response of “move around and wave your laptop in the air”.

Mio FUSE Heart Rate and Activity Tracker—With the waterproof capability of Mio, you can track your fitness and heart-rate even in the pool or rinsing off from a workout in the shower. Mio is the all-inclusive activity tracker that monitors everything from sleep to steps, all the while being waterproof up to 30M. Don’t take your watch off before hopping into the lap pool, get Mio Fuse, the best activity tracker for swimmers and athletes of all kind.

YoCam—While you’re swimming away, get YoCam, a waterproof camera made to record all activity. Take YoCam parasailing or waterskiing, biking or snowboarding. Capture it all with the ease in functionality of YoCam. YoCam is the perfect adventure companion to share all of your journeys with the world and savor all of the memories years down the line.

Griffin Survivor Power Bank—The power bank of all power banks is Griiffin’s, with a 10,050mAH charging capacity and that is impact resistant and able to fall on hard surfaces without damage. With a lifetime guarantee, Griffin is sure to keep you powered for years to come.

WakaWaka Power+ Solar-Powered Flashlight + Charger, Yellow—If you want a power bank that will help make a difference in the world, check out WakaWaka, a brand that helps families without electricity with every purchase you make. Powered by the sun with a solar panel, WakaWaka is completely charged after a day’s worth in the sun to power up a smartphone or act as a flashlight for up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light.

Revolve Camera Dolly—Capture dynamic video footage in a fluid fashion with a variety of dolly shots capable of time lapse and stop motion photography. This system is perfect for photographers and videographers of any level of experience and ultra portable for travel. Use your camera, whether that be a DSLR or smartphone, to capture the essence of any scene or kickass adventure, frame by frame.

InnoDevice—This speaker company ups their products with design aesthetics that will make you want to carry their products, including InnoFLASK 2.0 and InnoWAVE Plus, anywhere you go. InnoFLASK 2.0 is a portable bluetooth speaker device that is perfect for oion-the-go listening. With a sturdy mounting case that will keep the music flowing, you’ll make all of your friends jealous at your next outing. InnoWAVE Plus is a next generation type of headphone set with its lightweight design and enhanced bass for an improved sound performance over its competitors.

Solo Stove Campfire—The perfect tool for any camper or adventurer, the Solo Stove Campfire is great for cooking food designed as a double wall convection downs stove. Fast and efficient, this stove is also eco-friendly that uses less wood compared to an open fire. Pack Solo Stove for your next outdoor adventure.

Klikr—Klikr connects your devices and organizes them room by room to use your smartphone as a control. Connect with any infrared remote controlled device and boom, your house has now gotten a bit smarter. Give your remotes the well needed upgrade and begin the realm of the Internet of Things.

Febo—Take your DIY to the next level with Febo, a wood-engraving device harnessing the power of the sun. Draw on wood, plywood, cork or cardboard with Febo to etch in a design, a quote, or picture of you liking and see Febo work its magic.

PetSafe Automatic Dog Launcher—Ever see that video of the golden retriever ecstatically chasing after a ball over and over and over? That can be your pet with the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher which will keep your pet entertained for hours at a time as you watch in pure laughter and enjoyment. Keep your animal entertained and exercised with the leader of dog toys and products, PetSafe.

Lomo’Instant Automat—With various lenses including fish-eye and wide angle, the Lomo’Instant camera lets you photograph all of your moments in a point and shoot fashion with a twinge of artistry in every shot. Lomo’Instant brings Instagram filters to life with an immediate printing process to make sure you have a physical copy of every awesome moment you encounter.

Alpine Labs Pulse—Alpine Labs have upgraded the trigger remote into a device that can take epic selfies, check out wireless image review, and control multiple cameras at once. Get this camera crew-in-a-box with this Pulse to allow the professional photographer in you to shine.

LiveScribe—The LiveScribe Pen 3 is obviously not just any ordinary pen, it’s one that remembers and keeps track of everything you write and transmits it to your smartphone or tablet. Perfect for situations in which you misplace a notebook or need to send notes to a friend without having to take photos of every page.

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