Couple Runs On To Beijing Airport Tarmac After Arriving Too Late To Board Flight

This is NOT how you get on a plane.

Well, this didn’t go according to plan.

A couple who arrived at their gate too late to board a flight in Beijing last week fought their way past airport personnel and ran onto the airport apron ― the area where planes are boarded, parked or refueled, the South Morning China Post reports.

The flight crew would not let the couple aboard the Air China plane to Shanghai, so the woman said she would remain on the ground below the aircraft until she was allowed on, according to SCMP. Authorities eventually placed her in a police car after delaying the flight by 20 minutes. Airport police put the woman and her husband in detention five days.

While missing flights can be a pain, attempting to board an aircraft by breaking past security will usually end badly. Last month, a late passenger chased his departing flight on Madrid airport’s runway and was allowed on the plane. However authorities detained him once he landed on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

Not the best way to start or end a trip.

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