Craig Ferguson Hilarious As Sean's Former Boss Still In Love With Him On 'Sean Saves The World'

Sean wants to believe that he's earned his position at his job on "Sean Saves the World," but it's called into doubt this week. The problem is that he slept with his former boss, Andrew, shortly before getting the promotion. Andrew -- played with manic glee by Craig Ferguson -- has since gone on to found a competing company, and so Sean went to ask the difficult question.

The "Late Late Show" host has teased gay tendencies on his talk show for years, but he was fully in character as a man who didn't truly embrace his homosexuality until he slept with Sean. And apparently the experience was so intoxicating that he's thought of Sean ever since -- strange that he's never reached out to him before this encounter.

After convincing Sean that he got the job on his own merits, Andrew tried to convince him to run away to Paris with him. When Sean told him he had a daughter and a job, his one-time lover became desperate. "If we were together, you wouldn't have to work, and your daughter can come and live here," he said. "We could get her a horse or a monkey or a genetically engineered monkey-horse!"

It was a hilariously over-the-top performance in a role that could easily recur on the freshman sitcom. This man is clearly deeply infatuated with Sean, so what's to stop him from making further attempts to convince Sean to be with him?

"The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. EST on CBS. "Sean Saves the World" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.



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