Dad Jeans Are Back In Style!

The next time your teen pokes fun at your "dad jeans," you can let them know just how behind the times they actually are.

The New York Times Style section recently published a piece called "‘Dad Jeans’ Are Making a Comeback," with arbiters of men's style weighing in on the long ridiculed fit. (Dad jeans are known for their lighter wash, higher waist and loser fit in this age of dark denim, low-rise skinny jeans.) Quoth the Times:

"For those willing to push the envelope, dad jeans are one way to stand out at a Bushwick loft party. Besides, roomier washed jeans provide a flourish of ’90s retro, which is making a comeback for Generation Y in the form of Doc Martens, flannel shirts and wallet chains."

While some fashion blogs beg to differ ("'[Are] actual dad jeans [in]? No. Menswear-blogosphere-ordained dad jeans? Of course,” Lucky editor John Jannuzzi told Fashionista) The Times has spoken. So continue to avoid the skinny jeans, raw selvage or whatever else the fashion cognoscenti have been pushing on you. You're incredibly hip in your dad jeans, sir. And in good company! Take a look at the slideshow below to see other celebrity men rocking "dad jeans."

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Dad Jeans