'Portal: No Escape': Dan Trachtenberg's Compelling Short Film Adaptation Of The Game (VIDEO)

Could This Short Become The Best Video Game Movie Yet?

Commercial director Dan Trachtenberg's seven-minute adaptation of "Portal" is winning the internet right now for the grittiness of its take on the video game. Whereas other examples of the genre have a tendency to disconnect from the texture of real life (see: every "Lara Croft" movie), Trachtenberg's short deals in quick, evocative detail, from the neon tube lighting in the main character's holding cell, to the make of the portal gun she eventually finds ("Aperture"). It's an impressive feat for what's essentially a fan video, and falls in line with "Fame" director Kevin Tancharoen's realistic vision for a potential Mortal Kombat movie.

The film took Trachtenberg a year and a half to make, and is helped by a strong performance from "All My Children" regular Danielle Rayne and a haunting score by the "Inception" blllaaaaarrrn guy, Mike Zarin.

Take a look:

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