Daniel Craig Shares A 'Real Horror Story' From His Teenage Years On Stage

The future James Bond found a funny way to turn things around.

Daniel Craig’s final outing as fictional super-spy James Bond in “No Time To Die” may be earning rave reviews, but the British actor recalls a period when his acting chops weren’t quite so appreciated.

In an interview with The Guardian published Friday, film director Rian Johnson asked Craig to recall “the worst experience you’ve ever had while performing on stage.” “Give us a real horror story,” urged Johnson, who directed Craig in the 2019 film “Knives Out.”

Craig recalled “being bombarded” with Starbursts while performing as a teenager on stage in Newcastle, northern England.

“We’d do three afternoon matinees a week and it was just school buses of kids who were not into seeing ‘Romeo and Juliet,’” he remembered. “They had bags of Opal Fruits (Starbursts) and they’d just throw them constantly onto the stage.”

Craig said he came up with a way to tackle the flying candy, though.

“Eventually I just got so weary of it I started eating them, which got a round of applause.”

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