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David Lauren To Succeed Father As Ralph Lauren CEO?

He may now only be "The Prince of Polo," but it sounds like one day he may become the King.

In a profile by Fast Company, David Lauren speaks about his role at his father's namesake company, where he oversees global marketing and e-commerce as the head of Ralph Lauren Media.

Out of the three Lauren children, David was the only one working for the family business (his brother Andrew does film production and sister Dylan runs a sweetshop empire called Dylan's Candy Bar when she's not busy posing for Vogue).

So when it comes time for 71-year-old Ralph to retire, will it be David taking the reins?

"Maybe" is the answer David gives. "Probably" is what it sounds like. Writes Fast Company:

David is happy to discuss certain personal milestones... but he is mum about his future at the company. "My role has been growing every year," he simply says. "I'm very fortunate."

His brother Andrew added, "At some point [my father] will say, 'I can't do this all the time,' and it's not out of the question that one of us would step in... But time will tell. David is succeeding where he is."

As for Ralph, he merely stated, "David is, and will be, a major person in the company. I can't say today where we're going, but David will be very important."

Hm, sounds like a CEO appointment to us. David even has the approval of the Most Important Person In Fashion, Anna Wintour herself. "It's never easy to be your own man and your father's son, but David is absolutely both," the Vogue editor-in-chief told Fast Company.

We're just hoping that the big promotion doesn't come anytime soon, seeing as David will be just a bit busy throwing a fancy schmancy wedding to fiance Lauren Bush and getting to know his high-profile in-laws.

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