Davos: Arianna Huffington And Henry Blodget On How To Fix Capitalism

In an interview with Reuters' Chrystia Freeland, Arianna Huffington and Business Insider's Henry Blodget discuss taxes, paying employees a living wage, and the importance of returning capitalism to its moral foundations.

"If there is a moral foundation, it means that people will pay their fair share of taxes," says Arianna. "It's not about increasing taxes, it's about paying taxes."

Capitalism is not broke, it just needs tweaking, says Blodget. He predicts a pendulum shift in capitalism, leading to less emphasis on corporate profit margins, and more value on employees. "(Companies) are paying more of their employees below the poverty rate," he says. "Why not give them a raise?"

Arianna says she worries about the political shift required to change the current system, but voiced optimism for the future. "So many more millions have a voice now," she says. "There is a counter-veiling force that is coalescing around real transformation, not just a rhetorical one."

Watch the full video above.