Democrats are still trying to nail down a host of tax provisions in their Build Back Better bill, and one senator has a lot of sway.
Some benefits would start right away, but others would take years.
Billionaires, meanwhile. have doubled their collective net worth to more than $5 trillion in just 5 years.
"We’ve got to demand the wealthy start paying their fair share, not give them more tax breaks," grumbled Sanders of the Build Back Better giveaway.
“It's bullshit that we would even think about any kind of tax cut for the wealthy in this,” Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said.
One Democrat called Build Back Better “an implied endorsement of the Trump tax cuts.”
The Build Back Better Act may partially restore the state and local tax deduction, but Bernie Sanders wants to make sure millionaires don't benefit.
The top 5% could come out ahead when higher taxes are offset by unlimited state and local tax deductions.
A work requirement would wreck the child tax credit's impact on child poverty.
“Every sensible revenue option seems to be destroyed,” Sen. Bernie Sanders complained Wednesday.
Republican lawmakers are resisting a new Democratic plan to tax billionaires to help pay for President Joe Biden’s social spending bill.
The president said free community college is out and that a plan for paid leave is shrinking.
Kyrsten Sinema is far from the only Democratic obstacle to the party’s original tax plan.
The man who once shielded Trump's tax returns has been an ally on social policy and tax enforcement.
An IRS glitch delayed the monthly payment for parents at the heart of Democrats' agenda.
Donald Trump is suing The New York Times, three of its reporters and his niece Mary Trump. But already, experts spot a glaring error.
HuffPost and Data for Progress asked likely voters how they feel about higher taxes as part of Democrats’ agenda.
Billionaires pretty much get a pass in the tax-hike proposal, even though their wealth has increased 62% in the pandemic, wrote the former U.S. labor secretary.
Corporate donations, not electoral fears, appear to be motivating obstructionist Democrats.
President Joe Biden favors higher taxes on capital gains, but the idea is unpopular on Capitol Hill.