The lawmakers argue that the Treasury Department could take immediate action against blatant tax avoidance schemes without waiting for Congress.
It won’t become law, but it’s the latest move in a back-and-forth battle over the debt limit.
Sen. Bob Casey says the changes would help “level the playing field” between workers and employers.
A critical office inside the IRS is supposed to help root out major tax evaders, but dysfunction and underfunding have diminished its power.
The Florida governor has decided that sparing Floridians thousands of tax dollars is more important than revenge on Mickey Mouse.
Their proposal would make Social Security fully solvent through taxes on higher earners and corporations.
Republicans have made a drama out of legislation to hire some 87,000 IRS employees. Either they don't understand the bill, or they're pretending not to.
“The GOP regards paying taxes not as a way of supporting the nation, but as an obligation to be avoided,” noted an editorial in The Charlotte Observer.
The former Trump Organization CFO will serve five months in jail as part of a plea agreement for his tax crimes.
The "deferential" agency was reportedly overwhelmed by an army of Trump accountants and lawyers and the complexity of his tangled businesses.