Controlling the Senate could give Democrats new power to obtain Trump's tax information — if they want to.
Albert Pirro, who has represented Trump in real estate deals, was convicted of tax evasion in 2000.
"If you use 3 in 1 soap, do NOT worry about Biden's tax plan."
You don't have to itemize your taxes to claim it, either.
Norway is the rare country where the rich pay taxes on their wealth. A new study could boost similar proposals in the U.S.
Proposition 208 will add a 3.5% tax on high earners, with the money going solely to public education.
The standard deduction for next year was also increased.
"Why don’t you release your tax returns and stop talking about corruption?” the Democratic contender said in the presidential debate.
The president's deferral of Social Security taxes for federal workers is creating administrative headaches with virtually no economic benefit.
More than 200 entities patronized Trump properties and reaped benefits from the Trump administration, according to The New York Times.