You could get a direct payment of $1,200, depending on your income.
The extension is the second date change since the coronavirus upended American life.
Individuals and businesses will be allowed to delay paying tax bills by 90 days.
"I can’t go to Turbo Tax," the billionaire former New York City mayor quipped at the Democratic debate in Las Vegas.
A new study highlights how much money you actually lose by waiting to receive a refund.
The extra costs will effectively wipe out savings from the president's tax cuts.
Annual economic growth slowed to 2.3% for 2019 — 2.1% in the last quarter — after the initial "sugar rush" of the Trump administration's corporate tax breaks.
Don't worry, you can still write off your private plane and pool.
April 15 isn't the only important deadline to watch out for.
A turd in your stocking to all who wished for a more progressive tax code.
Economist Paul Krugman is declaring President Donald Trump a loser when it comes to his pricey trade war with China.
In a boon for millionaires, Democrats are working to repeal an element of Donald Trump's tax law that actually increased the tax burden for the rich.
Lawmakers reached a bipartisan agreement on greater benefits for grieving military families.
The president cannot be prosecuted and should not be sued or impeached, according to his legal teams.
The justices ruled that a new law requiring presidential candidates to release tax filings in order to appear on the California primary ballot was “invalid.”
Pugh resigned in May after revelations she sold her self-published “Healthy Holly” books to non-profits and foundations to promote her political career.
Pugh resigned in May amid the controversy over her “Healthy Holly” books.
Billionaire Lloyd Blankfein accused Warren of "tribalism," in an apparent dig at her claimed Native American ancestry.
There's more change ahead for taxpayers. Here's how to calculate your new federal tax rate.