There are broad differences among lawmakers over what counts as infrastructure and how to pay for it.
The money was included in the American Rescue Plan, which Congress passed and Biden signed into law last month.
Wealth advisers to the 1% say there’s sheer panic: “Sometimes people don’t realize how much money they’ve accumulated until they’re about to lose it.”
Prosecutors say Stone and his wife shielded their income in a commercial entity and used funds they owed the IRS on a "lavish lifestyle" instead.
Fees on oil producers and petrochemical companies once funded toxic waste cleanups. Republicans let them expire in 1995. Democrats want them back.
Lawmakers are struggling to reach bipartisan consensus on how to pay for the infrastructure overhaul President Joe Biden is calling for.
Rep. Jim Jordan’s misleading attack on President Joe Biden’s tax proposal ended up backfiring on him.
The Ohio congressman was called out on Twitter for a key omission.
Bipartisan negotiations over President Joe Biden’s jobs plan aren’t yielding much bipartisanship yet.
Democrats aren't yet on the same page when it comes to tax policy.