Republicans have made a drama out of legislation to hire some 87,000 IRS employees. Either they don't understand the bill, or they're pretending not to.
“The GOP regards paying taxes not as a way of supporting the nation, but as an obligation to be avoided,” noted an editorial in The Charlotte Observer.
The former Trump Organization CFO will serve five months in jail as part of a plea agreement for his tax crimes.
The "deferential" agency was reportedly overwhelmed by an army of Trump accountants and lawyers and the complexity of his tangled businesses.
Republicans called the release of Trump’s tax returns “a dangerous new weapon.”
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) called tax disclosure “a dangerous new weapon.” But Republicans have deployed it themselves and could do so again.
Republicans want business tax breaks, but apparently not enough to pair them with a tax benefit for parents.
Twitter users, meanwhile, cracked ketchup jokes about the conviction of the former president's company for tax fraud.
“Disappointed with the verdict in Manhattan, but will appeal,” the former president said Tuesday.
The Supreme Court delivered a major blow to former President Donald Trump’s legal fight to keep his tax returns hidden.