63-Year-Old Man Knocked Out With Single Punch, Robbed Of $1 (VIDEO)

Police in Washington D.C. are searching for a person of interest who punched a 63-year-old man and robbed him of $1.

In footage posted to YouTube by police, the individual knocks out the victim with a single swing before he walks over to rummage through the man's pockets. The individual took a dollar bill from the victim's pocket, according to a police report cited by MyFoxDC.

The footage of the May 17 incident in the 2900 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE, was recorded at approximately 5:44 PM by a nearby surveillance camera, police said.

Several other people in the video fail to intervene or help the victim to safety, NBC Washington notes.

The victim was treated for a severe laceration and other minor injuries before he was released from an area hospital.

Anyone with information should call police at (202) 727-9099 or text a tip to the DC police text tip line at 50411.

WARNING: The following video may be unsuitable for some audiences.


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