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Deal-of-the-Day Dating

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If your email inbox is being filled with Groupon-type offers, you're not alone. With Groupon, Living Social, and even online dating site JDate's deal-of-the day JPicks, it's hard not to get excited and sign jump on the discount bandwagon while you're dating.

So what's a single dater to do and how do you incorporate these types of deals when you still want to make a good impression?

Recently the New York Post ran an article called Discount Dating. I was asked my opinion on the subject. So without further adieu, here are my eight Dating Dos and Don'ts.

DO choose a discount with a twist. Activity discounts are never looked down upon as cheap. The tricky part is grabbing your discount during a limited time period while hoping that your date will want to go rock climbing or white water rafting!

DON'T clip a run-of-the-mill coupon for a first date. If your Groupon special is for $5 off a $10 yogurt, take a pass on a date and save it for yourself.

DO keep your savings subtle, slipping coupons quietly to hosts or servers. I encourage you to make your date think she's worth every moment and every cent.

DON'T brag about your bargain for more than 30 seconds. If you make the subject of discount dating at the top of your list, it goes hand-in-hand with talking about your ex and is a discount dating no-no.

DO use discounts further down the dating road. Women, especially, who use coupons are looked upon favorably by men. A guy will think she'll be considerate about how to spend money and that dating her won't break his bank.

DON'T do the first-date discount. Using Groupon on a first date for dining is just a step above asking someone to split an appetizer when you thought you were meeting for a full meal. It can be awkward on date, while acceptable with your friends.

DO suggest discount dates, regardless of your gender. If the man suggests a discount dating event first, the woman should feel free to suggest one for a future date. Expect to pay for your deal-of-the-day meal or activity if you purchased it or suggested it - asking to be reimbursed is a dating netiquette no-no.

DON'T complain if your date uses a discount - even if you think it's tacky. Dating can be expensive. If your date wants to take you somewhere other than a coffee shop, appreciate his or her efforts to impress you.

Have you used a Groupon-type coupon on a first date? Would you be offended if your date pulled out his Groupon or appreciative of his creativity of spending habits?

Your comments and thoughts are welcome.