If You Ever Wanted To Own A Piece Of The Death Star, Now Is Your Chance

The piece was picked out of a landfill by an ex-employee at ILM.

The Death Star set piece from 1977′s “Star Wars: A New Hope” was a terrific achievement in movie effects history. And now you can own a piece of it.

Much of the Death Star set pieces used by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) for the incredible trench run at the end of “A New Hope” were tossed into a landfill. An ex-employee of ILM fished one piece out as a souvenir and it was later acquired by “Star Wars” collector Steve Grad. The piece, which measures 23.75 inches by 11.75 inches and varies in height, currently has a bid of $10,600.

The auction ends Sunday, June 3, so if you have any delusions of grandeur about slowly rebuilding the first Death Star, you may want to jump on this.