Demi Lovato Blonde Looks Absolutely Gorgeous (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Demi Lovato Goes Blonde!

Demi Lovato changes her hair more than most women change their t-shirts. So we weren't surprised to see the star debut a brand new blonde 'do on Tuesday.

While being honored for her work with children's mental health, the 20-year-old pleasantly surprised the world with her new hue. Of course, this isn't Demi's first time at the blonde hair rodeo -- she went the very same shade last year.

Since then, she added pink tips, then blue tips and then cut herself bangs before dying the whole thing brown again -- and then getting a major haircut. Got it? Obviously, we're fans of Ms. Lovato's fearlessness, but what about you?

Check out Demi's new blonde look below and tell us what you think!


demi lovato blonde

demi lovato blonde

Demi's not the only one who likes to switch it up:

Anna Kendrick

Celebrities Who've Changed Hair Color

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