Derek Zoolander Gives Vogue An 'MTV Cribs'-Style Tour Of His Apartment

Slightly less ridiculous than Mariah Carey's episode.

Ben Stiller is going METHOD reprising his iconic role of international male supermodel Derek Zoolander. No, seriously, the actor and the character have become almost one and the same in our minds. He's just that good (looking). 

In the latest installment of the video series "73 Questions," Vogue asks Zoolander what he knows (not much), while touring his New York apartment, complete with a floor full of gym equipment and roommate Zoe Kravitz. 

A sample question? 

Vogue: "What are three words to describe living in New York?"

Derek: "Hustle. Bustle. And."

Also, we're pretty sure Zoolander's pad is just a David Barton Gym. Makes sense. 

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