'DILFs Of Disneyland' Is The Happiest Place On Instagram

'DILFs Of Disneyland' Is The Happiest Place On Instagram

Sexy daddies beware.

You are not safe from the gaze of one stealthy, genius photographer, armed with a "DILFs of Disneyland" Instagram handle and tickets to the Magic Kingdom.

You cannot run, you cannot hide. Not even in the nooks and crannies of Tomorrowland, or on the creaking floors of the Mark Twain riverboat. Forget hanging out in New Orleans Square with a kid strapped in your Baby Bjorn. Don't even try to roll a stroller down Main Street.

You will be found. You will be photographed. You might be filtered.

Okay, so you might be safe inside Disneyland's famed Club 33, the only alcohol-friendly place in the park. But let's get real, you probably aren't in there if you're spending the day with your kids.

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