Disney Princesses As Realistic Women Are Your New Best Friends

We need to get in this clique.

You probably grew up wishing you could hang with the Disney princesses.

Belle was super sharp, Mulan was straight-up badass and Ariel was the dreamer down for an adventure.

Now, artist Bev Johnson has carried that fantasy to its logical end, with an art series depicting how Disney princesses might look as your friends today. How refreshing is it to see these characters with bodies that are actually realistic?

For more of Johnson's work, head over to Instagram. 

  • Cinderella and Pocahontas
    Bev Johnson
    Cinderella and Pocahontas
  • Tiana and Mulan
    Bev Johnson
    Tiana and Mulan
  • Ariel and Jasmine
    Bev Johnson
    Ariel and Jasmine
  • Elsa and Anna
    Bev Johnson
    Elsa and Anna
  • Belle and Aurora
    Bev Johnson
    Belle and Aurora
  • Merida and Rapunzel
    Bev Johnson
    Merida and Rapunzel

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