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Dita Von Teese's 3D Dress Was Made On A Printer (PHOTOS)

3D printers have always kind of confused us --how can you print something that's not flat? (Hey, we're not too tech savvy.)

But retro-loving Dita Von Teese is apparently quite up on the latest technologies. Earlier this week, she modeled a long black gown made of "powdered nylon" printed on a 3D printer. Created by architect Francis Bitonti and designer Michael Schmidt (famous for making Lady Gaga's bubble dress), the "3D dress" used 17 different types of pieces connected by little joints -- 3,000 of them, to be exact -- to perfectly hug Dita's figure.

And hug it, it did. Aside from admiring the amazingly impressive technology, we can't help but notice that this is one sexy dress, what with the open-weave "fabric" and deep neckline. 3D printed or not, this is the kind of dress that would get a celeb noticed on the red carpet.

It also might make it really hard for her to sit down. 3D clothes are cool, but they just look super uncomfortable.

Check out Dita's new dress and read more about the technology at


dita von teese 3d dress

dita von teese 3d dress

dita von teese 3d dress

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