Do You Know What it Takes to Liberate an Entire Village from Slavery?

by Lina Permut
Manager, Individual Giving | Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves has discovered an incredible way to break the back of slavery in the world's worst trafficking hot spot. We do it by partnering with local organizations in India to strengthen and liberate entire villages. It's amazing. Everyone breaks free. Together!

You can make this happen. We're teaming up with this spring to liberate 55 Indian villages. Generosity will bundle together your contributions, big or small, to help people break free and stay free.

Our quick campaign video shows slavery survivors, in their own words, explaining how you can transform people's lives.

It turns out that freedom is actually a bargain, just $1,833 per village over three years. You allow our community mobilizers to help villagers overcome the root causes of slavery. Usually it's a combination of poverty, a lack of knowledge about their rights and how to protect themselves from predators, a lack of access to basic services like health care, credit and schools, and a lack of police protection. You can help villagers get organized to fix these problems. Erase vulnerabilities, and slavery disappears.

I hope you will join us during our Free-55-Villages campaign on Please give what you can--every bit helps!